I’d like to thank everyone who attended my show and those who wrote these wonderful comments in my guest book.

Wow! A beautiful breathtaking show.



Sweet breezes.

My eyes thank you!

It made me happy inside.

Wonderful. Wonderful.

Beautiful show! Wonderfully done!


Great stuff.

Wonderfully meditative.




Wonderful show.

Great show.


You’ve got talent.

Seems I’ve been there.

You catch the energy and mystery of the sky. Also the color, very effective.

I feel like I’m flying.

Some almost remind me of the oceans and the tides.

Beautiful, dreamy, vistas.

So many different moods.

Flurry” reminds me of laying in the grass, looking straight up and watching the cloud worlds float by!

I found “Billowing” to be very spiritual – enlightening – and I loved what I saw in “Cirrus”.

It is nice to know I am not the only adult who looks for things/shapes in clouds.

Clouds floating, breathing. Up there with the angels.

Wonderful work.

Your large pieces are breathtaking.

Beautiful work!